William Schlosser Ph.D. "Dr. Bill"


Area of expertise: Environmental Science and Regional Planning, Economics, Forestry,  Geospatial Analysis, Incident Command

Bio: Hello! I am Dr. William E. Schlosser, known as Dr. Bill. I have been a professional natural resource manager since 1985 and have worked in the natural resources industry of the Pacific and Interior Northwest since 1982. I have extensive experience working with non-industrial private forestland owners, industrial forestland owners, tribal forestland managers, and government agencies in the administration of projects. Although my advanced degrees are in natural resource economics, finance, environmental science and regional planning, also possess advanced skills in geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), geology, with forest and range management. I am a professional forester. 

I have developed international forestry experience including six years working and living in the Russian Far East and Siberia. While there served as Chief Forester and then as Project Director for various USAID projects (Environmental Policy and Technology Project and the Russian Environmental Partnership Project). was the Chief Operations Officer and General Director for the US–Russian joint venture JSC Forest Starma which managed a long-term lease of forestlands in the Russian Far East, marketed into Japan, Korea and other Asian ports. As President and CEO of Pacific Rim Taiga, Inc., conducted business in the USA and Russia from 1996-2000 administering and serving as forestry specialist for the US Forest Service, the Russian Federal Forest Service, private companies, and international organizations.  

Known to my students as “Dr. Bill I am a recognized educator with 12 years of experience working with Universities (University of Idaho, Michigan State University, Washington State University). I have delivered over 150 seminars and short courses on a variety of forestry topics in the USA, Canada, and Russia. Attendees to my classes have been estimated at over 10,000 individuals. currently teach undergraduate classes in natural resource ecology 

I am honored to assemble a team of undergraduate and graduate students to create the Virtual Forestry experience at Kamiak Butte! This is where excellent results are happening. 

Aidan Aumell


Area of expertise: Digital Technology and Culture, VR/AR, spherical video capture, and web design/development, and Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Bio: My name is Aidan Aumell. I am a student studying Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University. Go Cougs! I am the designer, 360 videographer, and developer of the virtual reality field trip at Kamiak Butte Country park, for the WSU class Natural Resource Ecology (SOE-300). 

I am from Seattle, Washington and love to spend my free time outdoors and working with emerging technology. During my time as an undergraduate student at WSU I have worked on digital projects with non-profits, small businesses, and local native tribes, such as the Coeur d’Alene Tribe.

I am passionate about integrating emerging technology into educational curriculum and classrooms. The virtual field trip at Kamiak Butte is a innovative educational tool that educators and students can use can during the time of social distancing and beyond. I believe the integration of education virtual and augmented reality experiences in classrooms virtual or not, can have massive impacts on students engagement and comprehension to classroom curriculum.   

I am hoping to create more experiences, like the Kamiak Butte virtual field trip, in more areas of study, and integrate emerging technology into preserving indigenous tribe’s cultural heritage. 

I have experience in the emerging technology industry working as a researcher in the WSU VR research lab, as well as working at an innovative augmented reality agency and platform, Simply Augmented.  I also have substantial experience working with the Adobe Creative Suit, spherical video capture, and website design/development. 

The website you are now viewing now was created by me!

I am currently attending Washington State University to pursue a master’s degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction to further my educational experience and to keep providing educators at WSU with more innovative digital resources to use in classrooms.

I am honored to be working with professors, undergraduate students, and graduate students in our Virtual Forestry Team! We are making significant steps each day to bring new and innovative digital resources students during the time of social distancing. 

Madison Kilkenny


Area of expertise: Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences

Bio: I am a junior studying Environmental and Ecosystem Science at Washington State University. I have a career goal of working in the environmental field once I graduate and in order to achieve this, I will need practical, hands-on experience in addition to the knowledge I have gained in my college courses.

I have experience in field work and restoration, water quality research, and monitoring. I currently serve as the role of Vice President for the Environmental Science Club at Washington State University, leading discussions, Green Fund projects and fundraising. Along with this, I am also a Natural Resource Ecology Teaching Assistant, which has given me the opportunity to work alongside innovative, interactive virtual reality field trip.

I am a hard-working, driven undergraduate woman in STEM actively pursuing professional and personal environmental goals, eager to obtain the next step in my career goals.   

Daniel Auerbach


Area of expertise: Drones, Environmental Science, Aquatic & Fishery Science

Bio: Hey there!  My name is Daniel Auerbach and I am currently a PhD student at WSU in Pullman.  My research is focusing on the use of aerial imagery taken from drones to assess Summer Chinook spawning on the Wenatchee River.  

I grew up in Los Altos, California, where my foundation for photography, drones, and the environment was built.  I received a B.S. from University of Washington in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences as well as a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from Washington State University.  

My passion lies in the environment where I hope to help bridge the gap between science and technology as well as help lead future generations in preserving the precious resources we have around us.  Outside of research I enjoy hiking, backpacking, recreational drone flying, and the general outdoors.  Tying my passions for the environment, natural resources, and knowledge of drones, I am pleased to be assisting the team for the Virtual Forest project!

Tholen Blasko


Area of expertise: Biology and German

Bio: My name is Tholen Blasko. I am a senior at Washington State University majoring in Biology and German. I am honored to be an SOE-300 TA with Dr. Bill’s class this year. 

I grew up along the Skykomish River, which cultivated a passion for salmon and salmon conservation from an early age. I plan on working in the fisheries biology field after graduating from WSU. I am currently working on my honors thesis, with Dr. Bill as my advisor, studying the effects of dam-removal on the Chinook salmon of the Elwha River. I have seen how major salmon restoration projects can bring people from all backgrounds together and unite them with a common goal. I spent time with Snohomish County Surface Water Management on their Snohomish River estuary restoration project and participated in an inter-agency salmon conservation summit hosted by the Tulalip Tribe. 

I enjoy working with other people and growing my leadership skills. I have served on campus as a Resident Advisor, Honors 198 Facilitator, Simulated Client for the School of Veterinary Medicine, and currently, as an Assistant Hall Director for the Stephenson Complex. 

I spend most of my free time in the outdoors. I am an avid fly-angler, frequenting the Grande Ronde and other areas in the Palouse almost every weekend. I also enjoy backpacking near my home in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, Henry M. Jackson Wilderness and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I like to travel and was able to study abroad with WSU in Berlin in 2019. 

I am looking forward to serving on the virtual forestry team, exploring Kamiak Butte and its ecology through the amazing VR experience Aidan has set up. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions about the class, the virtual forestry experience, or if you want to talk about fish!

Emily Barrier


Area of expertise: Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences

Bio: Hello! My name is Emily Barrier, I am a Junior here at Washington State University and I am currently studying Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences with a minor in Spanish. I took Natural Resource Ecology in the Spring semester of 2020 and I am very excited to be a part of this project!

A little bit about me. I am from Fort Collins, Colorado where I have been exposed to all sorts of outdoor activities. I am also on the Washington State University Swim Team which is how I spend my time outside of academics. I have always loved the outdoors and I hope this virtual tool can help everyone learn about Kamiak in an interactive way!

Austin Aumell


Area of expertise: Environmental Education

Bio: Hello, my name is Austin Aumell and I am passionate about working with communities, environmental education, and technology! I love building and facilitating unique experiences for groups! Interactive and culturally in-tune lessons are found in so many aspects of life! Digitizing content is a great way to spread awareness. I am interested in VR/AR, photogrammetry, GIS, 360 video, and photography and seeing how they can infuse into environmental education. This is an exciting project to be a part of. I’m committed to focusing my efforts on living a balanced life and collaborating with others. 

Dylan Koopmans


Area of expertise: Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences, Wildlife Photography 

Bio: My name is Dylan Primlani-Koopmans. I’m from Kent Washington and have always been into
the environment and the outdoors in general. I am a senior at Washington State University. I will
be finishing my BS in environmental science and BA in political science in the next coming
months. After graduating I will be working to get into graduate school and work towards further
degrees in the future. I am also currently on the executive board for Circle K International’s
WSU Chapter, as weIl as other clubs on campus. I am passionate about everything that has to
do with the outdoors and wildlife, from snowboarding to backpacking. I spend my freetime
building cars and messing with anything that has a motor. If there are any questions regarding
this virtual forestry experience please feel free to email me. I am looking forward to working with
the team to get this project working to its fullest potential.