Team 2021 Spring

Mason Maron


Area of expertise:  Ecology, Wildlife, Photography, and a whole bunch of random stuff (so as me anything!)

My name is Mason Maron. I am a sophomore majoring in Wildlife Ecology here at WSU and am currently the Vice President of our chapter of the Wildlife Society. Outside of class, I spend most of my time in the field, birding and photographing the species around me. I dedicate a lot of time and patience to my photography work, and many of my photos will be available to you for use in your reports for this class. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly this passion for wildlife and photography started, but I picked it up around 2018 when I went on my first birding hike in October, and I’ve been doing it ever since then. 

In fact, as I’m writing this, I’ve observed at least one bird every single day for over 750 days now. Though I’m not quite sure where my education and passions will lead me just yet, I am currently pursuing field jobs involving the monitoring and banding of birds all over the United States for research purposes. I have a lot of experience in wildlife identification, monitoring, data analysis, and so on, and will be here to help you understand the connections between flora, fauna, and the rest of the environment on Kamiak Butte.

I’m happy to help in any way, even if you just want to email me a bird you saw to ask what species it is! I’m also usually awake pretty late, generally going to sleep after midnight, so feel free to shoot me an email with any last-minute questions (though I can’t guarantee I’ll be awake to respond).

Kaitlyn Behrendt


Area of expertise:  Environmental & Ecosystem Sci/Earth Sciences/Global Studies

Bio: Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Behrendt, and I am preparing to graduate with a BS in Environmental Science specifying in Geology! I currently reside in Maple Valley Washington, in a multigenerational home, where I love to take walks with my mom and watch Disney movies! I was fortunate to be taught by Dr. Bill my freshman year at WSU, and he pushed me to be a better scientist which sparked my interest more in ecological systems. This led me to find out that I love rocks, the history of geological make-up, and how these systems come together to create our natural world! I am passionate about teaching others about geology and the environment, and I plan on continuing with my education after graduating from WSU to achieve my PhD! A couple of fun facts about me are that my freshman year I got to be on the field at the Alamo Bowl in 2018, and I was lucky enough to be Disney Cast Member before Covid struck (I was “friends” with Chip N’ Dale, Mr. Penguin from Mary Poppins, Dug from Up, Winnie the Pooh, and Buzz Lightyear!)

Hannah Henderson


Area of expertise: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Forestry

Bio: Hello! My name is Hannah Henderson and I’m currently a senior at Washington State University studying Wildlife Ecology and Conservation with a minor in Forestry. I am also a member of the Wildlife Society, as well as the Forestry Club on campus. I grew up Vancouver, Washington where I’ve been surrounded by a variety of outdoor activities. I like to spend my free time snowboarding on Mt. Hood and hiking various trails within the Columbia River Gorge. I am excited to be a part of this team and the virtual forestry experience. I love working with others, and furthering my leadership skills especially when it involves a new learning opportunity, and it is something we are all passionate about!

Morgan Bolling


Area of expertise: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Bio:  Hi! I’m Morgan Bolling, and I’m a senior majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Growing up in the navy household, I moved around a lot. Though it was hard at times, moving between states with vastly different landscapes and learning about the animals that inhabited the area was always the best part. In high school I volunteered as a conservation specialist at the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida. My interest in conservation grew from there, but it was not until I became a member of the Shark Conservation Club, that I realized that promoting and educating people about conservation was one of my passions in life. In my free time I like to read, going on road trips, and just driving around to see what the Palouse has to offer. I love discovering new places that I wouldn’t have come across without getting a little lost

Megan Bradley


Area of expertise: Environment and Ecosystem Sciences

Hello! My name is Megan Bradley, I am a Senior here at Washington State University. I am currently studying Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences with a minor in Earth Science, along with a Water Resource Science & Management Certificate. I took Natural Resource Ecology in the Fall semester of 2019 and I am very excited to be a part of the class again.

A little bit about me: I am from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota where I was exposed to all sorts of different outdoor activities. I grew up on a lake which really helped drive my passion for the environment, along with aquatic life. This passion of mine has led me to do some incredible things, like shark research with the University of Miami and working with the Boy Scouts at the Brinton Environmental Center to teach people how to take care of the unique environments around us. I cannot wait to get this semester started and I look forward to meeting everyone (virtually).

Feel free to email me or the other TA’s if you have any questions about the class!