Spherical Video Capture

We use a Go Pro MAX 360 camera with an extended tripod to capture our spherical videos. Spherical video capture can give great visualizations in educational and workplace training settings.

  • Placed-based learning
  • Immersive visualizations
  • Interactive viewing of environments

4K Drone Videos

We use a drone with video recording capabilities to capture the aerial footage of Kamiak Butte. Drone videos can give students a better sense of awareness of the area they are analyzing.  

  • Better visualizations
  • Educational content

Wildlife Photography

We capture wildlife photography with 4 trail cameras along with photographs capture in person. 


Virtual Forestry utilizes many software programs to create our virtual reality experiences. The programs that we use are listed below.

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Creative Suite 


Virtual Forestry is made up of professors, students, educators, and those who dream of of innovating  educational curriculum. 

Collaboration between knowledgeable professors, students, and teachers assistants, and the community brings our virtual experiences to life.